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Thanks to everyone at Menier Gallery for being such great hosts and a such a warm and appreciative audience. We had a wonderful time and were very happy to hear you enjoyed the evening’s entertainment. It was especially lovely to be surrounded by such stunning artwork. An inspiring night out! Goodnight!

Join us at the Turks, on London Road in Reading on December 8th 2011 from 9pm.

We’ll be performing these songs;

Domino, How Low You’ve Fallen, Soon & Walls

Bring your mates!

Thanks to all our friends who came to see us tonight, it was most enjoyable.

We played the following songs

  • Mountains ‘o Things – Tracy Chapman
  • Then You Came to Call – Toy
  • Dakota – Stereophonics

We played 2 sets for a  small audience but as always, we had a good time and enjoyed listening to others.

1st Set

  • Steady Yourself (Toy)
  • Hit (Toy)
  • Dakota (Stereophonics)

2nd Set

  • Soon (Toy)
  • Circle of Steel (Toy)
  • Walls (Toy)

We played

  • Somersault by Zero 7
  • Then You Came to Call by Toy
  • Circle of Steel by Toy
  • and had a great time.

    Well we had a great time. The audience preferred our more up-tempo songs and the headline band DisCover were very kind to us.

    Our set list was

    First Set
    Rain it Down
    Sour Times
    Circle of Steel
    Steady Yourself
    Calling You
    I Remember
    Mini Set
    Mountains Of Things
    Then you Came to Call

    On the whole it was a good learning experience. Now it’s time to reflect and regroup.

    We had a great 1st ever gig by the Kennet and Avon canal.

    We played a two song set:
    Mountains o Things by Tracey Chapman (reggae version)
    Then You Came to Call (original)

    Then in the second half of the proceedings we played:
    Rain It Down (original)
    and then jamed with a few other musicians to
    Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan