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Our Songs

Circle of Steel – Windisch

Domino – Windisch

Empty – Windisch/Desmond/Heichman/Degtiar

Hit – Windisch/Desmond/Heichman

Rain it Down – Windisch

Soon – Desmond/Windisch/Heichman

Then You Came to Call – Windisch

Steady Yourself – Desmond/Windisch/Heichman

Silent Noise – Degtiar/Desmond

Walls – Windisch

Never – Windisch/Desmond/Degtiar/Heichman

How Low (You’ve Fallen) – Desmond/Windisch/Degtiar/Heichman


We’ve made some real progress on “Never” and Jakub’s come up with another clever twist to add value to “Hit” too.


We’re working on a new song – “Never”. It’s all about the regrets of things that never happened.